CHILD DEVELOPMENT SERVICES AND COUNSELLING Course Admission 2022-2023 Shikshaglobe

Advanced Diploma in Child Guidance and Counselling 

 The Institute launched the Advanced Diploma in Child Guidance and Counselling in the time 2005 to address the need for trained force to work in the area of child and adolescent internal health. The course is under cooperation with Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi and is also honored from Rehabilitation Council of India( RCI). So far the Institute has organized thirteen batches of the course. The Advanced Diploma has been designed to bridge the gap of vacuity of trained professionals for bearing comforting and guidance of children and families in different settings. It has been planned with a Developmental, Ecological and Rights Perspective to enable the learner to serve effectively as a internal health professional with an streamlined understanding of theoretical constructs, and the needful chops. The essential emphasis of the programme is on' Development of tone' and' Acquisition of Chops' through existential and action literacy. The course envisions to 


To produce professional and particular growth openings for those working with children and child- related systems so as to enable children to actualise their eventuality. 


 The Advanced Diploma is a regular, one- time programme including 2 months of externship. 

 Medium of Instruction 

 The sale of the programme and medium of examination would be English. It's also anticipated that the learner would submit the assignments and fieldwork reports in English. of the ferocious nature of the programme and limited installations for fieldwork, only 30 scholars will be admitted. 

 Child Care Centre 

 A Child Care Centre( CCC) has been established to give hands- on experience to the trainees witnessing training at the Institute. The Child Care Centre( CCC) aims at the holistic development of the child. It follows the play- way and exertion approach to give a stimulating terrain for holistic, i.e., intellectual, social, emotional, physical and language development of the child. The ECE programme is planned to take into account the experimental requirements of the children. The child- centered programmes at CCC reflect a balance between individual and group conditioning, free play and guided conditioning, active play, inner and out-of-door conditioning and conditioning to foster all aspects of development. To give a variety of gests to children, the Centre undertakes conditioning like free and structured discussion, rhymes, songs, story- telling, story timber, music and movement, drama, inner play conditioning with blocks, globules, mystifications,etc., doll play, poppetplay, complexion modelling, out-of-door games and conditioning like running, jumping, hopping, balancing, beach play, water play, gardening, nature walk,etc. Annually the Child Care Centre enrolls 30 children in the age group of 3- 4 times from low- income groups belonging to the neighboring points like Shahpur Jat Village, Hauz Khas Police Colony, and NIPCCD Campus, for the academic session starting from April to March. The center is run for three hours every day from 930a.m. to 1230p.m. Every time, the Centre celebrated carnivals like Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Universal Children's Day, Independence Day, Republic Day and birthdays of children attending CCC. 


Restoring and Strengthening Emotional Good of Children and Families Beyond the families stylish trouble to give their child an negotiating and joyful life, the trip of all children don't follow an anticipated pathway. Some children experience sadness, guilt, worthlessness, fear or respond to others in wrathfulness, may harm themselves or others and the suchlike. Some children may be limited in their attention attention, capability to stay focused, capability to learn academics, social chops, peer connections. Yet all children earn openings to dream for their lives, experience happy lives and reach their fullest eventuality. 


 Child Guidance Center offers families comprehensive individual assessments by good platoon of Child development professional, Child counselors, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Speech therapist. It offers technical webbing and opinion of children suspected of, at threat of or showing literacy, geste attention, and experimental difficulties. Our platoon helps the child and family in feting what's coming in the way of success and happiness and find ways to make life bloom despite the limitations. Assessment Services of the Center are available to families with youthful children up to the age of 12 times. Parents who are concerned about the child's literacy, emotional and behavioral difficulties can communicate the Centre from assessment and guidance. Families from any region, socioeconomic status can seek services at a nominal figure. Parents are met through appointment when the child and the family are worked with collectively and simply. 

 Guiding Philosophy 

The development of a child is shaped by his or her unique natural, cerebral and social terrain. therefore to understand the child, the platoon works together with the child and family to discover his or her unique profile and find ways to reach the thing post of success and accomplishments through the child's emotional and cognitive capacities within its family situation. Comprehensive assessments by multidisciplinary platoon call for 8- 10 assessment sessions with the child and the family. Care is taken to pinch the visits of the family to the Centre by planning further than one assessment session on a day so that it's child friendly and parents and the child's life isn't disturbed on account of the visits to the Centre by planning further than one assessment session on a day so that it's child friendly and parents and the child's life isn't disturbed on account of the visits to the Centre. 

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