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Cassandra is a circulated information base administration framework intended for dealing with a high volume of organized information across product servers. Cassandra handles the gigantic measure of information with its appropriated design. Information is put on various machines with more than one replication factor that gives high accessibility and no weak link.

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Area 1-Here is what we cover in this preparing guide

What is Apache Cassandra?

Instructions to Download and Install Cassandra on Windows (First Chapter FREE)

Cassandra Architecture and Replication Factor Strategy

Cassandra Data Model with Simple Example

Make, Alter and Drop Keyspace in Cassandra with Example

Cassandra Table: Create, Alter, Drop and Truncate (with Example)

Cassandra Query Language(CQL): Insert Into, Update, Delete (Example)

Make and Drop INDEX in Cassandra

Cassandra CQL Data Types and Data Expiration utilizing TTL (Example)

Cassandra Collection: Set, List, Map with Example

Cassandra Cluster Setup on Multiple Nodes (Machines)

DataStax DevCenter and OpsCenter Installation Guide

Cassandra Security: Create User and Authentication with JMX

In this article, we have made a handpicked once-over of Apache Cassandra requests questions and manages any results with respect to freshers and experienced newcomers. These Cassandra Database requests questions are most likely going to be asked during your new representative screening, and they will help you with really breaking the gathering.

Cassandra Database Interview Questions and Answers

Coming up next are the periodically asked interview requests for Cassandra:

Explain what is Cassandra?

Cassandra is an open source data limit structure made at Facebook for inbox search and planned for taking care of and managing a ton of data across item servers. It can server as both Continuous data store system for online applications.In like manner as a read concentrated data base for Business Intelligence system

What is the usage of Cassandra and why to use Cassandra?

Cassandra was expected to manage tremendous data occupations across different center points with no point of failure. The various factors at risk for using Cassandra are

It is inadequacy merciful and dependable

Gigabytes to petabytes scalabilities

It is a section arranged informational index

No point of failure

No necessity for autonomous holding layer

Versatile chart plan

It has versatile data storing, straightforward data scattering, and fast makes

It maintains ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability)properties

Multi-server ranch and cloud capable

Data pressure

Get a handle on what is composite sort in Cassandra?

In Cassandra, composite sort grants to portray key or a segment name with a connection of data of different kind. You can use two kinds of Composite Type

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