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In this article, we have made a handpicked rundown of Apache Cassandra inquiries questions and deals with any consequences regarding freshers and experienced up-and-comers. These Cassandra Database inquiries questions are probably going to be asked during your new employee screening, and they will assist you with effectively breaking the meeting.Cassandra Database Interview Questions and Answers

Explain what is Cassandra?

Cassandra is an open source information capacity framework created at Facebook for inbox search and intended for putting away and overseeing a lot of information across product servers. It can server as bothOngoing information store framework for online applicationsLikewise as a read concentrated information base for Business Intelligence framework

What is the utilization of Cassandra and for what reason to utilize Cassandra?

Cassandra was intended to deal with enormous information jobs across various hubs with no weak link. The different variables liable for utilizing Cassandra are

It is shortcoming lenient and reliable

Gigabytes to petabytes scalabilities

It is a segment situated data set

No weak link

No requirement for independent reserving layer

Adaptable diagram plan

It has adaptable information stockpiling, simple information dispersion, and quick composes

It upholds ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability)properties

Multi-server farm and cloud able

Information pressure

Make sense of what is composite sort in Cassandra?

In Cassandra, composite sort permits to characterize key or a section name with a link of information of various kind. You can utilize two sorts of Composite Type

Line Key

Section Name

How Cassandra stores information?

All information put away as bytes

At the point when you determine validator, Cassandra guarantees those bytes are encoded according to necessity

Then, at that point, a comparator orders the segment in light of the requesting well defined for the encoding

While composite are simply byte exhibits with a particular encoding, for every part it stores a two byte length followed by the byte encoded part followed by an end bit.

Mention what are the primary parts of Cassandra Data Model?

The fundamental parts of Cassandra Data Model are




Segment and Family

Cassandra Interview Questions

Explain what is a segment family in Cassandra?

Section family in Cassandra is alluded for an assortment of Rows.

Explain what is a bunch in Cassandra?

A bunch is a holder for keyspaces. Cassandra information base is divided north of a few machines that work together. The bunch is the peripheral compartment which organizes the hubs in a ring design and relegates information to them. These hubs have a copy which assumes responsibility in the event of information taking care of disappointment.

List out different parts of Cassandra?

Different parts of Cassandra are


Server farm


Commit log



Sprout Filter

Explain what is a keyspace in Cassandra?

In Cassandra, a keyspace is a namespace that decides information replication on hubs. A bunch comprise of one keyspace per hub.

What is the sentence structure to make keyspace in Cassandra?

Grammar for making keyspace in Cassandra is


Cassandra Interview Questions for Experienced Candidates

The following are Cassandra inquiries questions and deals with serious consequences regarding experienced up-and-comers:

Mention what are the qualities put away in the Cassandra Column?

In Cassandra Column, fundamentally there are three qualities

Segment Name


Time Stamp

Mention when you can utilize Alter keyspace?

Modify KEYSPACE can be utilized to change properties like the quantity of imitations and the durable_write of a keyspace.

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