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Standpoint is a famous email client created by Microsoft Corporation. This apparatus is not difficult to coordinate with Word, PowerPoint, as well as Excel. It assists you with examining and eliminating perilous email connections.

Notwithstanding, Microsoft Outlook has a few constraints, similar to it has a perplexing secret key recuperation process, lacking undertaking the board highlights, and schedule over-burden. It gives priority to trade accounts over other email accounts that could interfere with your work process.

Here is an organized rundown of Top email programs that are equipped for supplanting MS Outlook. The rundown contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) programming.

#1) Mailbird

Mailbird is a Windows email sending application that can work with Gmail. It assists you with dealing with every one of your sends and contacts from more than one record. This application permits you to alter your format.

Mailbird permits you to coordinate with Facebook, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Google Calendar, and so on.

You can nap a specific message.

It assists you with reaching through LinkedIn from your inbox.

You can transfer your own custom warning sound.

This application gives multi-language support.

It has various easy routes for making, answering, and sending messages.

#2) Shift

The shift is an email client for Windows 10 that assists you with dealing with numerous work processes. It permits you to make custom work areas inside Shift and welcome individuals to team up.


The shift is a work area email client that permits you to match up many email accounts into a brought-together inbox.

It coordinates with G Suite applications, Facebook and Slack

You can add augmentations to move. These augmentations incorporate things like Grammarly, HubSpot, and Zoom.

It assists you with smoothing out and coordinating your work/life/play.

It assists you with perusing my account.

You can add your augmentations.

#3) EM Client

EM Client is a serious area of strength for Outlook that has a simple to-utilize interface. This application assists you with overseeing email, schedule, contacts, and errands. It very well may be utilized for Windows and Mac.


It upholds PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption.

You can take a reinforcement of your email.

This item upholds the autoreply email.

It consequently downloads contacts from the web.

You can add tables and resize any cell easily.

Em client permits you to change pictures size, pivot, and flip.

#4) Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a solid and secure email answer for individual and corporate use. The high-level cooperation highlight empowers the whole group to match up in and work on the task. It offers full encryption to your messages, protecting your information.

Zoho Mail


Vigorous Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone Apps

The Email Apps support work areas and identification warnings.

The application is privately facilitated and offers a frameless search for an interruption-free email understanding experience.

Offers a relocation device, utilizing which you can rapidly move every one of your messages from other email administrations.

Zoho mail server farms have first-class security, with a solid 99.9% uptime.

Permits you to make your own area and set up your decision of email addresses.

You can put remarks, label your colleagues, oversee assignments, share documents

Offers apparatuses like Calendars, Notes, Bookmarks, and Tasks.

You can hold messages across your association for a particular time frame period, which can be found by the e-Discovery highlight rapidly.

#5) ProtonMail

ProtonMail is an open-source and secure email administration presented by MIT researchers and CERN. It is safeguarded by Swiss protection regulations. It has simple to utilize secure email administration, having a start to finish encryption.



No private data is expected to make an email account.

It tends to be gotten to on any gadget without introducing the product.

Send and get messages that are gotten with start-to-finish encryption.

No private data is expected to make your protected email account

ProtonMail is advanced to assist you with better getting sorted out and perused, as well as sending an email.

#6) Helpwise

Helpwise is the email program that gives a common email post box to each colleague. With ongoing execution following, you can undoubtedly deal with every one of the post boxes from a solitary dashboard.


Permits all colleagues to visit inside the email strings itself.

You can Tag and Label email tracks for upgraded gathering, searching, and following.

Gives a different email login to each colleague to get to a similar email address.

It has an underlying "crash control usefulness" highlight that dispenses with the possibilities of copy answers.

Permits you to have noteworthy experiences in the presentation of your representatives, volume, and questions.

It offers to appoint email strings to the ideal individual.

Offers both Web applications and Mobile Apps.

It coordinates with Gmail, JustCall, Hubspot, Slack, DropBox, and so on.

#7) Polymail

Polymail is an email program that gives total subtleties of how and when individuals read your messages. It empowers you to make and share redid email layouts with your group. This device assists you with incorporating it with other informing apparatuses like Slack and Salesforce.


You can set follow-up email updates.

It gives click and download following.

You can plan messages to send later.

Give a detail report of your group's action.

You can tidy up your inbox by withdrawing from bulletins.

#8) Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra is an email, schedule, and joint effort arrangement worked for distributed computing. A savvy letter drop assists you with rapidly tracking down your email. You can utilize this application to see the inbox by discussion.


You can relocate messages into explicit envelopes.

It permits you to form different messages simultaneously.

You can send sends with pictures.

This apparatus empowers you to append numerous records from the PC.

You can fix send, reestablish email as well as planned conveyance.

Zimbra work area gives on the web and disconnected admittance to all your email accounts in a single spot.

You can recuperate eliminated messages from the rubbish for as long as 30 days.

It empowers you to share message envelopes to team up with others.

#9) Spark

Flash is a product bundle that consequently sorts messages for secure handling. One of the most amazing Outlook electives permits you to stick or nap messages. You can welcome your partners to make mail together.


You can find your email rapidly by utilizing a characteristic language search.

It permits remarking on messages.

This program has pre-composed messages for answering to messages quick.

You can set suggestions to follow up significant messages.

It empowers you to add a mark in your email.

Flash assists you with customizing sidebar, swipes, and gadget.

You can get a notice just when a significant message comes into your inbox.

#10) Postbox

Postbox is an instrument that assists you with adding dynamic information fields to reactions and layouts. It permits you to reuse HTML scrap inside message answers. This Outlook mail client elective application gives in excess of 25 plan signature layouts.


You can add dynamic information fields to messages and formats.

It permits you to advance email content to many other applications and administrations, similar to Slack, Evernote, and so on.

You can add extra picture impacts like flip, turn, shadow, and casings.

It assists you with resizing any picture.

#11) Bluemail

Bluemail is an email client that is equipped for dealing with a limitless number of mail accounts. It is one of the most incredible Outlook elective which considers brilliant message pop-ups and bunch messaging. This device empowers you to customize different email accounts.


You can stamp messages to deal with later and set updates for them.

It permits you to get to schedules and plan occasions.

You can consistently change starting with one topic then onto the next.

Bluemail assists you with counting uninitiated messages.

You can sift through featured messages.

It gives security through encryption.

This program upholds Android or iOS telephones, and tablets.

Interface: capabilities

#12) Evolution

Little person is an open-source work area application for the Unix working framework. It has a dashboard that contains the most often utilized symbols.


You can set mail accounts utilizing IMAP and POP.

This option in contrast to Outlook empowers you to modify the email window format.

You can change the configuration of date and time.

Little person assists you with changing the mail view for widescreen shows.

It permits you to arrange messages in your mail envelope.

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