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Counterfeit telephone numbers are brief numbers that can send messages, settle on decisions, and begin voice calls. You can likewise get to different internet-based administrations without imperiling your protection. These numbers make it conceivable to effortlessly add a second line to your wireless. The best phony telephone number application has a guest ID, call sending/hindering, and number porting. They can produce a burner number to assist with keeping your genuine telephone number mysterious.

1) Hushed - Best For Anonymous calling and messaging.

Quieted is the best burner telephone number application for getting dispensable numbers. It is a security-centered help to get free phony telephone numbers to send MMS, SMS, and settle on telephone decisions. The application's essential capability is to offer various numbers, deal with different telephone numbers, and consume the quieted number when presently not required.

Quieted offers adaptable prepaid plans, pay-more only as costs arise plans, or present moment or long haul memberships. To begin, download the application, then, at that point, enter your email and secret phrase. Send off the application and select a nation, creating another number.


You can add more than one number to a solitary gadget.

The call executives element can course and forward calls.

It empowers clients to make custom voice messages with good tidings and accounts.

The application can settle on unknown or confidential decisions.

Clients can enroll for a complimentary number.

It gives admittance to the call history of past discussions.

Quieted set an auto-answer to answer instant messages got on your number.

This impermanent telephone number application incorporates Slack and Dropbox.

Informing incorporates messages, pictures, voice notes, and video messages.

Residents of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, United States, and 40+ nations can get numbers from Hushed.

It upholds iOS and Android.

Why is Hushed awesome for unknown calling and messaging?

Quieted is a security-situated help that permits you to settle on confidential decisions and send messages through information and Wi-Fi associations. The stage oversees correspondence through the web, hence making it hard to follow.

2) Sideline - Best for Keeping individual numbers private.

Sideline is a phony telephone number generator application that involves the current transporter's minutes for informing and calling. With regards to inclusion, it can send instant messages, convey voice messages, and settle on decisions.

Sideline allows you to utilize a complementary number and ensures great call quality. The application offers a choice to allow the burner to number vanish after a couple of utilizations or select another burner number that endures longer.

This business-situated application is great for work environment cooperation among groups and clients. To begin, enter an email address and a portable number, where you will get the download interface. Subsequent to introducing the application, fill in the record data and pick your favored telephone number.


It has a group number that permits you to utilize a solitary number with different gadgets.

The application offers voice message records and expert business messages and good tidings.

You can utilize vanity numbers to construct an exceptional character with your name.

It has mass informing apparatuses to send message advertising efforts and send off advancements.

Sideline allows clients to utilize auto-answer to answer missed calls or messages.

You can browse a rundown of region codes to get a neighborhood number.

It shows which telephone number is ringing utilizing the custom guest ID.

Informing incorporates messages, pictures, voice notes, video, and gathering messages.

Residents of Puerto Rico, Canada, Bolivia, Singapore, Costa Rica, and 60+ nations can get numbers from Sideline.

It upholds iOS and Android.

3) Grasshopper - Best for Driving business traffic.

Grasshopper is a decent transitory telephone number application that integrates a virtual line to your landline or individual telephone. It gives a correspondence answer for new companies and private ventures. Grasshopper offers standard-issue neighborhood numbers, with 800 and 833 complementary numbers.

Also, this application has fundamental call sending, phone messages, and business messaging highlights. It permits you to settle on various decisions at the same time by directing to another gadget.


It has an auto-chaperon highlight that associates with clients when you are not free.

Grasshopper gives virtual faxes and a choice to advance calls.

You can utilize a virtual secretary to plan a meeting with your contact.

The application has a follow-me administration to take and record messages from guests.

Clients can utilize custom and programmed good tidings to expertly answer to calls.

It allows you to move inbound calls to another augmentation by means of call directing.

Informing incorporates messages, pictures, and video messages.

Residents of Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, Venezuela, and 40+ nations can get numbers from Grasshopper.

It upholds iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

4) - Best for Receiving VoIP calls. is a VoIP specialist co-op that offers counterfeit telephone numbers for settling decisions and sending instant messages. It has the least expensive lead-in plans for solo business visionaries and little organizations. It is one of the most incredible transitory telephone number applications that give an assortment of IP telephones to settle on and get VoIP decisions over a steady web association.

All plans incorporate free internet-based video gatherings, lines, and voice labeling. You can relegate snappy numeric successions, expressions, or words to a number to make it unmistakable to clients.

The standard elements incorporate a high-level implicit video and sound conferencing administration. The application likewise offers to call the board functionalities, including number impeding, call recording, and screening.


Enter the get in touch with whom you are attempting to arrive at utilizing the dial-by-name catalog.

It can adjust contacts for fast calls or instant messages utilizing a location book. has a choice to advance calls with cutting-edge rules.

The guest ID tells clients who is calling.

The application messages notice each time you get a voice message.

Clients can send direct fax from their telephone without paying any charge.

You can alter when and how to get calls through call lines and directing.

Informing incorporates messages, pictures, sound, and video messages.

Residents of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, and 25+ nations can get numbers from

It upholds iOS and Android.

5) Burner - Best for Disposable numbers in North America.

Burner is one of the most outstanding brief telephone number applications. It gives a VoIP telephone number that you can use to send voice messages, settle on decisions, and convey messages without paying for a transporter association. The number offered has a neighborhood you can obliterate or switch with another number when as of now not required.

The application keeps up with security and keeps the essential telephone number mysterious. It captures approaching approaches the application and courses them to a cell. The Burner telephone application is allowed to download, and it offers memberships with limitless messages and calls.

Besides, it doesn't charge for calls as it shows up on your telephone bill. The approaching calls show up as calls from the Burner number, and the end numbers called through the application are not shown.


You can change the inbound guest ID and let the Burner number show at whatever point somebody calls.

The application permits clients to alter, quiet, and block contacts.

It coordinates with administrations like SoundCloud, Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, and Evernote to store or share information.

Burner application can make custom voice message messages for when you are not free.

The application has a "Don't Disturb mode," so for turning the application/number on and off at whatever point you are occupied.

It has an extra PIN lock to forestall unapproved access.

You can give programmed cautious answers to guests.

Informing incorporates message and picture messages.

Residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, and 30+ nations can get numbers from Burner.

It upholds iOS and Android

6) Line 2 - Best for Multiple business lines.

Line2 is a business-situated second telephone number application. It suits people who need to isolate their business and individual numbers. It has highlights like complementary numbers, auto-chaperons, and telephone calls for worldwide clients.

The application offers VoIP administrations a reward of free limitless calls and texts. It empowers clients to add various lines for various divisions on a current telephone. Line2 needn't bother with extra equipment and takes into consideration inbound call taking care of.


It empowers you to redo voice message good tidings and accounts.

Line2 can have a remote gathering with up to 20 individuals, and anybody can dial in.

The application has on-hold music to engage the guest while sitting tight for an answer.

It has a follow-me administration to take and record messages from guests.

Clients get call lines, screening, and obstructing choices for each call.

You can reroute a telephone and access call-sending administrations.

Informing incorporates message, sound, and picture messages.

Residents of Canada and the United States can get numbers from Line2.

It upholds iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.


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