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After Payroll is executed , SAP DME technique will switch fee quantities to employee’s financial institution account. To execute financial institution switch you want to finish 2 steps

STEP 1 ) Run Preliminary DME Program.

Transaction: PC00_MXX_CDTA , XX = Country Molga

Overview: –

This application prepares the payroll effects for the DME (Data Medium Exchange) technique

It makes use of facts from the HR Master Data (infotype 0001, 0002, 0006, 0009) and facts from the payroll effects (payroll application tables WPBP and BT).

It creates a report that incorporates statistics which complies with financial institution regulations.

If the values are inaccurate, you may want to accurate the mistakes and re-run the initial DME application

If the values are accurate, you may use the report as enter for growing the financial institution switch txt files..

Program Input Screen

Enter Payroll area & Personnel Number. Rest Selection Criteria may be stored default. Click Execute


Note down the Program Run Date and Identification Feature

STEP 2) Create the DME report

Transaction : PC00_MXX_FFOT , XX = Molga


This application makes use of the a success report created via way of means of the initial DME application.

It produces a Payment Summary, a DME Accompanying Sheet, and a DME File (consistent with enterprise code) for every paying financial institution.

The DME File can also additionally want to be uploaded into detailed software program that permits a financial institution switch among your enterprise and your paying financial institution.

Program Input Screen

Enter Program run date and Identification function received from the pre-DME application , Paying Company Code , Payment method ,House financial institution, Account ID, Currency. Execute


Double click on at the spool number

Select a line object and click on on

Review output

Go lower back to the Output evaluation display and double click on at the TEMSE report.


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