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What are Attributes?

Characteristic view behaves like an aspect. It join various tables and go about as Master. Characteristic view is reusable articles. Characteristic view enjoys the accompanying benefit Trait View go about as Master information setting, which gives Text or Description to Key/Non-key field. Trait View can be reuse in Analytic View and Calculation View. Credits View is utilized to choose a subset of segments and lines from an information base table. Ascribes (fields) can be determined from different table fields. There is no action and accumulation choice.

Property View Type

It is a standard property which is made by table fields.

It is Time trait view, which depends on default time table -For schedule type Gregorian -


For schedule type Fiscal -

M_FISCAL_CALENDAR Derived It is a characteristic view which is gotten from another current trait view. Determined trait view will be opened in read-just mode. The main editable field is its portrayal. Duplicate From - When you need to characterize a property view, by replicating a current trait View, then, at that point, you can utilize "Duplicate From" choice. Note: Difference among Derived and Copy from is, on account of determined, you can alter the depiction of new trait view while on account of duplicate, you can adjust everything totally. The most effective method to Create Attribute View in SAP HANA Standard view creation has pre-characterize step as beneath Characteristic View in SAP HANA

Table Creation for Attribute View

Here we will make Standard Attribute View for item table, so we, right off the bat, make "Item" and "PRODUCT_DESC" Table. Presently table "Item" and "PRODUCT_DESC" is made in composition "DHK_SCHEMA". Trait View Creation Select SAP HANA System. substance Folder. Non-Structural Package Modeling under Package DHK_SCHEMA in the substance hub and right snap >new. Attribute view choice. Property View in SAP HANA

Enter data.

Enter Attribute Name and Label.

Select View Type, here Attribute View.

Select subtype as "Standard".

Click on Finish Button.

Property View in SAP HANA

Check view manager screen.

Data view manager screen will open. Detail of each part in Information Editor is as beneath -Situation Pane: In this sheet the accompanying hub exists-Semantics Information establishment Detail Pane: In this sheet following tab exists View Properties Hierchery Semantics (Scenario Pane): This hub addresses yield design of the view. Here it is Dimension.

Information Foundation (Scenario Pane): This hub addresses the table that we use for principal trait view. Here we drop table for making property view. Tab (segments, view Properties, Hierarchies) for subtleties sheet will be shown.: Here all Local property detail will be shown. Show: Filter for Local Attribute. This is a toolbar for Performance investigation, Find segment, approve, enact, information see, and so on. Quality View in SAP HANA Stage 4) Click on information establishment hub. To incorporate information base table for making quality view, click on information establishment hub and adhere to the guidance bit by bit as beneath -Drag table "Item" and "PRODUCT_DESC" from TABLE hub under DHK_SCHEMA Drop "Item" and "PRODUCT_DESC" to information establishment hub. Select field from "Item" Table as Output In detail sheet. Field symbol variety changes from dim to orange. Select field from "PRODUCT_DESC" Table as Output in the detail sheet. Field Icon variety change from dim to orange. The field chose as result from both the table show up Under Column list in Output Pane.

Property View in SAP HANA

Join "Item" table to "PRODUCT_DESC" by "PRODUCT_ID" field. Select Join way and Right Click on It and pick Edit choice. A screen for Edit Join Condition will show up Select Join Type as Type "Inward". Select cardinality as "1..1".Property View in SAP HANA Subsequent to choosing join type click on "Alright" button. In following stage, we select the segment and characterize a key for yield. In this step, we will choose section and characterize the key for yield Select Semantic Panel. Segment tab will show up under Detail sheet. Select "PRODUCT_ID" as Key. Actually take a look at Hidden choice for field PRODUCT_ID_1 (PRODUCT_DESC table field).After fruitful approval, click on enact Button. Characteristic View in SAP HANA Work Log for approval and enactment action is shown on lower part of screen in total agreement, for example Work Log segment as beneath -

Quality View in SAP HANA

A trait view with name "AT_PRODUCT" will be made. To see, revive the Attribute View organizer.


AT_PRODUCT Attribute view show under Attribute view envelope.

Trait View in SAP HANA To see information in Attribute view, Select information Preview choice from the toolbar. There will be two choice for information view from characteristic view. Open in Data Preview Editor (This will show information with examination choice).

Open in SQL Editor. (This will show yield as just SQL question Output).

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Quality View in SAP HANA

To see View Attribute information in information Preview manager, There are 3 choices - Analysis, Distinct and Raw information.

Examination: This is a Graphical portrayal of the property view.

By choosing Analysis tab, we select Attributes for Label and Axis design view.

Simplified quality in name hub, it will show in Label axis(X Axis).

Simplified characteristic in esteem pivot, it will show in esteem hub (Y Axis).

The result will be accessible in the arrangement of Chart, Table, Grid, and HTML.

The Importance of Attribute View in Today's World

In the contemporary landscape, the concept of Attribute View has emerged as an indispensable facet of professional and personal development. It encompasses a diverse array of elements that contribute significantly to an individual's skill enhancement, career growth, and holistic learning experience.

Exploring Various Types of Attribute Views

Attribute Views are multifaceted, presenting various types tailored to specific needs and domains. These classifications encompass diverse fields, each catering to unique skill sets and knowledge acquisition methodologies.

The Benefits of Pursuing Attribute View

The pursuit of Attribute View offers a multitude of advantages. It not only enriches one's professional skill set but also nurtures personal growth, fostering a well-rounded individual capable of thriving in today's dynamic environment.

Enhancing Professional Development through Attribute View

Attribute View plays a pivotal role in shaping professional trajectories. Its emphasis on skill development, adaptability, and continual learning creates a robust foundation for a successful career journey.

Attribute View's Role in Career Advancement

For individuals seeking career advancement, Attribute View serves as a catalyst, propelling them towards higher echelons of success. Its incorporation into one's educational journey significantly influences career pathways.

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Choosing the Ideal Educational Course

Selecting the right educational course aligned with one's goals is crucial. Understanding how Attribute View courses cater to personal aspirations helps in making informed decisions.

Online vs. Traditional Attribute View: Pros and Cons

The debate between online and traditional modes of learning Attribute View brings to light their respective advantages and drawbacks, aiding individuals in choosing the most suitable method.

The Future Trends and Innovations in Attribute View

The landscape of Attribute View is evolving rapidly, with ongoing trends and innovations shaping its future. Staying abreast of these advancements is pivotal for those venturing into this domain.

Impact of Attribute View on Student Success

Attribute View's impact on student success is profound, influencing academic achievements and professional readiness, ultimately contributing to a well-rounded education.

Addressing Challenges and Finding Solutions

While Attribute View presents numerous benefits, it also poses challenges. Understanding and mitigating these challenges is essential for a seamless learning experience.

Understanding the Pedagogy and Methodology of Attribute View

Delving into the pedagogical approaches and methodologies of Attribute View sheds light on the various teaching styles and learning methods employed in this domain.

Attribute View Around the World: A Global Perspective

Attribute View's adoption and nuances vary across the globe, influenced by cultural diversity and regional preferences, offering a broader understanding of its global impact.

Lifelong Learning and Personal Growth through Attribute View

Attribute View extends beyond formal education, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and continuous personal development, nurturing a well-rounded individual.

Funding and Scholarships for Attribute View

Financial barriers often hinder access to education. Understanding available funding and scholarship options opens doors for aspiring learners to delve into Attribute View.

Case Studies: Success Stories from Education Course Graduates

Real-life examples of individuals who have thrived post-Attribute View education provide insights into the tangible impact of such courses on professional trajectories.

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