Assertions in SoapUI: Complete Tutorial - shikshaglobe

SoapUI is a functional testing tool that covers all aspects of API testing web service testing and web UI testing. In this complete SoapUI tutorial we'll learn everything there is to know about assertions in SoapUI. We'll start with a brief overview of what assertions are and why they're used. Then we'll dive into the various types of assertions available in SoapUI and how to use them. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be an expert in using assertions to validate your web services!

In SoapUI assertions are used to validate the response of a request. There are various types of assertions available in SoapUI which can be found in the assertion drop-down list. In this complete tutorial, we will learn about all the assertions available in SoapUI and how to use them effectively.

Some of the most commonly used assertions in SoapUI are:

Content Assertion: Validates that the specified content is present in the target property

Schema Assertion: Validates that the current message conforms to a specified XML schema

WS-Addressing Assertion: Validates that the current message conforms to WS-Addressing standards

WS-I Compliance Assertion: Validates that the current message conforms to WS-I Basic Profile standards

SoapUI is a web service testing tool that can be used to test SOAP and RESTful web services. It supports multiple protocols such as SOAP HTTP JMS and JDBC. It can be used to test both SOAP and RESTful web services. SoapUI supports all the standard features of a web services testing tool. This includes assertions security load testing etc. In addition to these features, SoapUI also has some unique features that make it a powerful tool for testing web services.


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