Appium Desired Capabilities for Android Emulator- Shikshaglobe

Desired capabilities are keys and values encoded in a JSON object sent by Appium clients to the server during initialization. They tell the Appium drivers all kinds of important things about how you want your test to behave. The Appium drivers use these capabilities to modify their behavior in order to match your testing needs.

One of the most commonly used desired capabilities is the platform name capability. This tells the driver which platform you want to test on. Currently, Appium supports Android and iOS platforms.

The other commonly used desired capabilities are:

device Name: The kind of mobile device or emulator you want to use for testing

platform Version: The version of the platform you want to use

app: The path or URL to the app you want to test

Appium Desired Capabilities for Android Emulator is a JSON object that describes the capabilities of an Appium server that can be used to control an Android Emulator. The Appium Desired Capabilities for Android Emulator can be used to launch an Android Emulator and run tests on it.

The Appium desired capabilities for Android emulators can be found on the official Appium website. They include a wide range of capabilities such as:

The ability to launch and terminate an emulator instance

The ability to interact with the emulator using Appium's built-in UI Automator tool

The ability to take screenshots of the emulator screen

The ability to record video of the emulator screen

The ability to use various performance monitoring tools