APPAREL, MADE-UPS AND HOME FURNISHING Course Admission 2023-24 - Shikshaglobe

CEO & Director General 

 I'm happy to see the new web- point launched by the Apparel, Made- ups & Home furnishing Sector Skill Council. AMHSSC is committed to make applicable National Occupational norms( NOSs) in the Apparel, Made- ups & Home Furnishing sector, so that the skill development in these diligence get formalized, performing in the assiduity getting the end product, what they actually need in the form of professed force. This would immensely enable the Apparel, Made- Ups & Home Furnishing sector to increase productivity. Further, we also would align the National Occupational norms with the transnational norms for the benefit of the country. 

 NOS Development & Registration 

This exertion will be outsourced. Advisers will be employed to do the following Outline each occupation easily by need and fit from the employer ? s & the hand ? s point of view in discussion with assiduity and experts Define the capabilities needed for each occupatio n and run it through coaches, educated workers and training provider s before indurating. Document each development step and the content itse lf critically and library for future reference figure primers and canons of fabrics an d norms for all stakeholders Work nearly with training providers and authors to rework the being and new class for training. Follow through by streamlining similar data into the National Occupational norms( NOS) database 

Assessment & Certification Framework Development 

This exertion will be conducted internally by the proposed SSC. AEPC formerly has a sect which has set the frame for assessments and instrument. The sect has in fact been honored by the DGET to conduct assessments within the assiduity towards the NCVT instrument 

 Training of Coaches 

The main functions of th e SSC will be to reference original batch of coaches from the assiduity and also retain them to train new batche 

 Engage with assiduity to acquire the stylish and most applicable coaches 

 Make a formalized a coach evaluation system 

 estimate and over- skill where necessary 

 Expose to rearmost technologies, global norms and future needs 

 Bring them at par with the core values and functions of the SSC 

 Estimate and produce a pool of unborn coaches 

 Put them through ferocious and applicable training through the coaches acquired from assiduity 

 estimate and certify similar new coaches under assiduity- approved guidelines. 

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