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What is Analytic View in SAP HANA?

SAP HANA Analytic View depends on STAR Schema Modeling, and it addresses OLAP/Multi-Dimensional Modeling objects. SAP HANA Analytic view shapes a 3D square like design, which is utilized for the investigation of information. Logical View is chiefly utilized in a situation where we want totaled information from the basic table. In SAP HANA Analytic view, aspect tables are gotten together with the reality table that contains exchange information. An aspect table contains elucidating information. (For example Item, Product Name, Vendor, client, and so forth.). Reality Table contains both clear information and Measureable information (Amount, Tax, and so on.).

Illustration of SAP HANA Analytical View

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rchase Order Header and Purchase Order Detail table for it. SQL Script for Create Table "PURCHASE_ORDER" in "DHK_SCHEMA" The most effective method to Create Analytic View in SAP HANA We will make a SAP HANA Analytic View with name "AN_PURCHASE_ORDER", with the generally made property view "AT_PRODUCT", tables "PURCHASE_ORDER" and "PURCHASE_DETAIL".

Create New Analytic View

Select Modeling sub-bundle under DHK_SCHEMA bundle. Right-Click - >New. Select Analytic View choice. The most effective method to Create Analytic View in SAP HANA Information View supervisor will show for Analytic View-Enter Analytic View Name as "AN_PURCHASE_ORDERS" and Label for it. Select View type as "Logical View". The most effective method to Create Analytic View in SAP HANA Whenever information is chosen, click on Finish Button. Data View manager will be shown for scientific view. Add Table from Schema in Data Foundation hub under Scenario sheet

There will be three hubs under Scenario Pane-

Semantics: This hub addresses yield construction of the view. Begin Join: This hub make participate to join the traits view with the reality table. Information Foundation: In this hub, we add FACT table for Analytic View. Numerous tables can be added, yet measure from just a single table can be chosen. Simplified table "PURCHASE_ORDER" and "PURCHASE_DETAIL" From DHK_SCHEMA to Data Foundation Node of Scenario sheet. The most effective method to Create Analytic View in SAP HANA

Add property view in Star join Node

Select "AT_PRODUCT" Attribute view from Modeling bundle. Simplified Attribute View in Star Join Node. Moves toward Create Analytic View in SAP HANA

In a similar window exhaustively board do as coordinated,

Click on information establishment hub. Table included information establishment hub will show exhaustively segment. Join Table "PURCHASE_ORDER" To Table "PURCHASE_DETAIL" ON "PO_NUMBER" Field. Enter Join type and Cardinality. Moves toward Create Analytic View in SAP HANA

Select the accompanying segments in a similar window,

Select PO_NUMBER, COMPANY, PO_CATEGORY, PRODUCT_ID, PLANT, STORAGE_LOC from "PURCHASE_DETAIL" Table. Select CURRENCY Column From "PURCHASE_DETAIL" Table. Select GROSS_AMOUNT, TAX_AMOUNT. Select PO_STATUS, CREATED_BY, CREATED_AT Column From "PURCHASE_HEADER" Table. Moves toward Create Analytic View in SAP HANAAll chose segment (Orange tone) will show in the result of Analytic view.

Now, join quality view to the reality table (information establishment)

Click on Star join Node in semantic sheet, as underneath Moves toward Create Analytic View in SAP HANA Property view and reality table will be shown in the detail sheet. Presently we Join property view to truth table as beneath -Join Attribute View with Data Foundation on "PRODUCT_ID" Column.

The Importance of Analytic View in Today's World

In today's data-driven society, the concept of Analytic View has become indispensable. It's more than a mere term; it embodies a multifaceted approach towards understanding, interpreting, and utilizing data to derive valuable insights. Analytic View stands at the nexus of professional growth, technological advancement, and personal development, wielding its influence across various sectors.

Exploring Different Types of Analytic View

Analytic View isn't a singular methodology but an amalgamation of diverse approaches catering to different disciplines and industries. From statistical analysis to predictive modeling, each type serves a unique purpose, empowering professionals and enthusiasts alike to leverage data in innovative ways.

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Benefits of Pursuing Analytic View

The decision to delve into Analytic View presents a myriad of advantages. Professionally, it opens doors to lucrative career paths and positions individuals at the forefront of industries undergoing digital transformation. On a personal level, it fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of data interpretation.

Enhancing Professional Development Through Analytic View

The role of Analytic View in propelling career trajectories cannot be overstated. Its integration within various sectors revolutionizes decision-making processes, transforming businesses and industries. Professionals equipped with Analytic View expertise often become catalysts for organizational success.

Choosing the Right Education Course for Your Goals

Selecting an appropriate education course tailored to one's objectives is crucial. Analytic View offers a diverse array of educational programs, each designed to meet specific goals. Whether opting for data science, business analytics, or specialized courses, aligning education with aspirations is key.

Online vs. Traditional Analytic View: Pros and Cons

The debate between online and traditional education in Analytic View merits consideration. While online courses offer flexibility and accessibility, traditional settings provide structured learning environments. Weighing the pros and cons is essential in making an informed choice.

The Future of Analytic View: Trends and Innovations

Analytic View continues to evolve, riding the wave of technological advancements. From machine learning applications to augmented analytics, the future promises groundbreaking innovations, reshaping how data is analyzed and utilized.


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