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A deals Order is an agreement between a client and deals association for providing merchandise or administration to a client inside a concurred time span. Information on the deals request screen is gotten from the Customer Master Table and Material Master Table for a specific deals area. The deals region that acknowledges the request is liable for finishing the agreement. T-code for deals request is -

VA01-Create deals request.

VA02-Change deals request.

VA03-Display deals request.

To make deals request we want information at four levels-

1. Association information: Organization information is first screen of deals record which contains fields like Sales organization,distribution channel,division,Sales Office ,Sales Group and so forth.2. Header information: Sales request header contain numerous tab(sales,shipping,billing and so forth.). Header basically contains data for the most part from the Customer Master in the Transaction. We can tap on header button for deals header screen show.4. Plan line information: For each detail their are plan line items.This information depicts amount and date. Select thing lines for thing information and snap on time line buttons.

There are two procedure for portray no. range for Sales Document.

Internal Assignment - This undertaking works inside and number for bargains document produce normally.

Outside Assignment - This errand works from a distance. for instance in under picture number start from

General Control

Enter regard in Check credit limit/Credit bundle/Output application field from possible worth summary/truly take a gander at Item Division/Read information record.

Transaction Flow

Enter regard in screen gathering grp. /trade pack/record esteeming strategy.

Enter regard in field Display range/Fcode/reference msg. /Outline game plan msg.