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What is an InfoObjects?

Data Objects take data from the source, then change and organize the data into either a norm or redid report. Info objects are the littlest accessible data modules/fields in BI. It is required in data suppliers like Info Cubes, DSOs, Multi Providers, Queries and so on… These Info-Providers are comprised of Info-objects. Data object gives all data about the business. For example organization 'XYZ' is keen on figuring out the amount of "item x" delivered on "date x" to "production line x". By characterizing Info-object for explicit capability like "0MATERIAL", "0DATE" and "0LOCATION" all the data can be recovered.

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Info Objects can be grouped into the accompanying kinds:

Qualities (for instance, clients)

Key figures (for instance, income)

Units (for instance, cash, sum unit)

Time qualities (for instance, monetary year)

Specialized qualities (for instance, demand number)


Qualities are Business reference objects used to investigate key figures.

Instances of attributes Info Objects

Cost focus (0COSTCENTER)


Key figures:

Key figures give the qualities to be assessed. They are numeric data that is accounted for in the question.

Instances of key figure Info Objects:

Amount (0QUANTITY)



Units are matched with Key figure values . They give dole out a unit of estimation to a Key Figure Value. For example 10 Kg where 10 is the KeyFigure and Kg is the unit

Different Examples of Unit Characteristics

Money unit (0CURRENCY) (Holds the cash sort of the exchange for example $, EUR, USD… )

Esteem unit (0UNIT) (or) unit of measure (Hold the unit of measure for example Gallon, Inch, cm, PC)

Time Characteristic:

Time attributes give time reference to information.

Instances of Time Characteristics

Schedule day (0CALDAY)

Schedule year (0CALYEAR)

Financial year (0FISCYEAR)

Specialized Characteristics:

Specialized attributes are SAP standard articles having their own managerial purposes.

Instances of Technical Characteristics:

Data Object 0REQUID - While stacking information to different information targets, SAP distributes remarkable numbers which are put away in this Info object

Data Object 0CHNGID - When total change run is finished, an exceptional number is designated and put away in this data object.

Prior to making an Info Object, Info Area and Info Object Catalog should be made.

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What is an InfoArea?

In Business Warehouse, Info-regions are the branches and hubs of a tree structure.

It is utilized to coordinate data 3D shapes and information objects.

Every Info-object is relegated to an Info Area.

Data Area can be considered an envelope used to keep related records intact.

What is Info object Catalog?

Each data object should be made inside an Info Object Catalog.

It helps in association and is absolutely no chance connected with announcing capabilities.

Model: There are lots of Info Objects for SAP Financials which can be clubbed into an Info Object Catalog. This makes the executives and maintainence simple.

An Info Object can be appointed to different Catalog

There are 2 sorts of Info Object Catalog.

Trademark Info Object Catalog

Key figure Info Object Catalog


In the rapidly evolving landscape of information technology, understanding and leveraging Info Object, Info Area & Info Object Catalog have become essential aspects. These elements play a pivotal role in structuring and organizing information within various systems and platforms, thereby significantly impacting the professional and educational spheres.

Introduction to Info Object, Info Area & Info Object Catalog

What are Info Object, Info Area & Info Object Catalog? Info Object refers to objects in SAP that allow structured storage and retrieval of information. An Info Area is a storage unit in the Business Information Warehouse (BW) where Info Objects are stored. On the other hand, the Info Object Catalog provides a comprehensive overview of all Info Objects available in an SAP BW system.

Types of Info Object, Info Area & Info Object Catalog

The classification of these elements is diverse, spanning from technical identifiers to more functional attributes. Info Objects range from characteristics to key figures, while Info Areas encompass organizational units for Info Objects. The Info Object Catalog catalogs these components, ensuring easy accessibility and utilization.

Advantages of Engaging with Info Object, Info Area & Info Object Catalog

The integration of these elements into professional development offers multifaceted benefits. Professionals can harness Info Objects for data analysis, reporting, and decision-making. Info Areas streamline information storage, enhancing efficiency. The Info Object Catalog ensures systematic management and retrieval.

Choosing the Right Education Course

Selecting suitable courses aligned with individual aspirations is crucial. Both online and traditional courses offer distinct advantages. While online courses provide flexibility, traditional setups often facilitate immersive learning experiences.

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The Future of Info Object, Info Area & Info Object Catalog

The evolution of these components continually adapts to technological advancements. Innovations such as enhanced data integration and artificial intelligence are shaping the future landscape.

Impact on Student Success

While beneficial, challenges like data governance and system complexities require attention. Solutions involving streamlined processes and comprehensive training can mitigate these challenges.

Understanding Pedagogy and Methodology

The teaching methodologies surrounding these elements differ globally. Various approaches ensure comprehensive understanding and application.

Personal Growth and Lifelong Learning

Info Object, Info Area & Info Object Catalog aren't just tools for professional growth; they also facilitate continual personal development. Scholarships and funding options support access to education.

Case Studies: Success Stories

Real-life examples showcase the transformative impact of engaging with Info Object, Info Area & Info Object Catalog. These stories highlight how individuals leverage these components to achieve success in diverse fields.


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