ADVANCE CERTIFICATE COURSE IN ENGLISH SPOKEN Course Admission 2023-24 - Shikshaglobe


 You must be an Advanced English Language Learner. 

 In some conditioning, you may need a pencil and paper. 

 To do the voluntary systems, you may need the internet, social media, or other tools. 


 The English Language Advanced Masterclass is further than an English Language Course. 

 This is a Masterclass where you learn and really exercise the English language at an Advanced English position- your English speaking, your English alphabet, your English vocabulary, your English listening, reading and writing. You can complete 10 Advanced English Language Systems and you indeed learn 10 new study chops!. And so much more. 

In this 13 HOUR Masterclass you get 

 20 English Alphabet Points- completely explained, with exemplifications, and PRACTICE Conditioning FOR YOU

 400 English Vocabulary( words and expressions)- with Memory Games 

 70 Downloadable PDFs- Interactive Handouts 

Speaking Conditioning, Harkening Conditioning, Reading Conditioning, Writing Conditioning 

 10 REAL- WORLD Systems- You can shoot them to me and I'll give you REAL feedback! 

 Motivational Vids- Stay inspired to keep literacy! 

 10 Vids on Perk Study Tips 

 Movie Clips and Music 

 Advanced English Assignments on Numerous Motifs History, Art, Technology, Business, AND Further! 

English Language Practice GAMES 

 Certificate of Completion 

The English Language Advanced Masterclass has 10 courses inside of it, and they come as one giant package so that you can learn and exercise the English language in the one part and also continue to use it again in the after corridor, so your English position builds and builds. 

In each part, you learn the English Language as a whole- English vocabulary, English alphabet, English speaking, pronunciation, harkening, reading, writing, study chops and further. 

 The 10 corridor of the English Language Advanced Masterclass are 

 Societies and Customs Around the World 

 Health Medicine 

 Talking About Your Life 


 Economics Business, Marketing, Deals 

Gospel, Sociology, and Law 


 Language Learning and Linguistics 

 The Environment and the Natural World 

Exploration shows that when you learn the English language within a content of interest, like World Societies or Environmental Issues or Talking About Your Life, also you learn the English language important deeper- because you're learning commodity differently with the English language at the same time. 

 The English alphabet in this course is precisely matched with just the right English vocabulary so that you learn both English alphabet and English vocabulary in the right way. And it's the most important English alphabet for Advanced English Language learners. 

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