9 Best Free Business Email Accounts for Business - Shikshaglobe

There are a lot of great business email accounts out there but not all of them are free. Here are 9 of the best free business email accounts that you can use for your business:

Gmail - One of the most popular email providers in the world Gmail offers a great free option for businesses. With plenty of storage space and a user-friendly interface, Gmail is a great choice for small businesses.

Outlook - Another popular option is Outlook offers a variety of features and options for businesses. While it doesn't have as much storage space as Gmail it makes up for it with its other features.

Zoho Mail - A great choice for small businesses Zoho Mail offers 5GB of storage space and a host of other features to help you run your business smoothly.

iCloud Mail - If you're using Apple products for your business then iCloud Mail is a great option. It integrates seamlessly with all your other Apple products and offers 5GB of

Gmail: Google’s Gmail is one of the most popular free email services on the planet. It offers 15 GB of storage and features such as an integrated task manager chat and video conferencing.

Outlook: Microsoft’s Outlook is a feature-rich email service that comes with a calendar task manager contact manager and more. It offers 5 GB of storage and works with Microsoft Exchange Server for business users.

Yahoo Mail: Yahoo Mail is another popular free email service with a host of features including unlimited storage customizable themes and support for multiple accounts.

AOL Mail: AOL Mail is a free email service from AOL that offers unlimited storage support for multiple accounts and a customizable interface.

Zoho Mail: Zoho Mail is a free business email service from Zoho that offers 5 GB of storage support for multiple accounts and a host of features such as task management and collaboration tools.